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Breedings and Foalings 2016/17

Here you can see the Bromac Lodge 2016/2017 Breedings and Foalings including pedigrees for all the mares. To look at the pedigrees (in PDF format), please click on the link  next to the relevant mare's name.


Ped Age Sire Dam
Agnes Patron Agnes Patron 2004 Holmes Hanover Anna Patron
Amaretto Bromac Amaretto Bromac 2007 Falcon Seelster Arma Class
Banshee Banshee 2009 Christian Cullen Tania Tandias
Cha Cha Bromac 2010 Art Major Classic Blue Jeans
Classic Blue Jeans (1:48.4 produ.) Classic Blue Jeans' Pedigree 1995 Camluck Oh Please
Congo Breeze (1:52) Congo Breeze's Pedigree 1999 Holmes Hanover Congo Girl
Cougar Bromac (1-57) Cougar Bromac   Art Major Congo Breeze
Cozette Bromac Cozette Bromac 2008 McArdle Crown Defender
Crown Defender
(1/2 sister to Attorney General 1.48.2)
Crown Defender's Pedigree 2001 Life Sign Classic Blue Jeans
Dawn Bromac Dawn Bromac 2001 OK Bye Desero
Delilah Bromac (1:58.9) Delilah Bromac's Pedigree 2004 Holmes Hanover Desibo
Diana Bromac Diana Bromac's Pedigree 1997 Live Or Die Desrain
Gemfire Bromac Gemfire Bromac 2009 Bettors Delight Gilt Laughter
Grand Times Grand Times 2002 Western Hanover Headline Hanover
Gogirl Bromac (Trotter 2-02) Gogirl Bromac 2008 Drean Vacation Groovy Baby
Habibiti Sadie  (Trotter) 2012 Pegasus Spur Ten To One
Happy Dreamer (1:57) Happy Dreamer's Pedigree 1998 Son of Afella Dreamy Atom
J'Adore (2-01 - Aust) J'ADORE BROMAC 2012 McArdle Jillbo
Jasmine Bromac (4 in 2:00) Jasmine Bromac's Pedigree 1999 Falcon Seelster Janelle Bromac
Juniper Bromac (1-55.3) Juniper Bromac 2010 Live Or Die Jasmine Bromac
Life Of Luxury (1-51) Life of Luxury 2001 Live Or Die Lavish Franco
Lincoln Keepsake (1-59) 2012 Rocknroll Hanover Clare De Lune
Maravu Haley (1-59) Maravu Haley 2006 Falcon Seelster Hayley Franco
Moulin Bromac (2-04) Moulin Bromac 2011 Bettor's Delight Missy Matao
Parfait Bromac PARFAIT BROMAC 2007 Artsplace Pascale Bromac
Pascale Bromac (1:57) Pascale Bromac Pedigree 2000 Holmes Hanover Desiblue
Quartet Quartet's Pedigree 2006 Continentalman Goldie Hest
Rikki Lee Bromac Rikki Lee Bromac 2007 Falcon Seelster Red Delite
Romancing Bromac (1-59) Romancing Bromac 2005 Falcon Seelster Romancing Ashley
Rosie Bromac Rosie Bromac Pedigree 2012 Live Or Die Rose Vear
Sabrina Bromac Sabrina Bromac 2000 Live Or Die Soho
Samarias Bromac (1:57) Samarias Bromac 2006 Righteous Hanover Sammy Too
Tallulah Bromac Tallulah Bromac's Pedigree 2006 Artsplace Tandias Courage
Tanabi (Aust, Vic Derby Gr 1prod) Tanabi's Pedigree 2000 Village Jasper Sinba
Tandias Courage (1:53.6, Aust. 2YO Filly of the Year) Tandias Courage's Pedigree 1997 Stoneridge Scooter Talk To Me
Tanisa Bromac (1:58.1) Tanisa Bromac's Pedigree 2002 Live Or Die Tanisa Vance
Tasmcmanian Tasmcmanian's Pedigree 2005 McArdle Shy Devil
Tatijana Bromac (1-54) Tatijana Bromac 2007 Rocknroll Hanover Tandias Courage
Te Amo Bromac (1-55) Te Amo Bromac 2010 Mach Three Tandias Courage
Tiffany Bromac (Q2-00-8) Tiffany Bromac 2012 Rocknroll Hanover Tandias Courage
Tigerlily Bromac Tigerlily Bromac 2008 Artsplace Tangier Franco
Timpany Franco Timpany Franco 2004 Falcon Seelster Tangible Franco
Twinkle Bromac Twinkle Bromac 2012 Rocknroll Hanover Tallulah Bromac
Zante Beach (1:59) Zante Beach's Pedigree 1998 Fake Left Gemfire
Zeta Bromac (1-55) ZETA BROMAC 2010 Mach Three Zante Beach



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