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Bromac Yearlings Sales Draft 2017

Here you can see our 2017 Yearling Sales Draft including their pedigrees. To look at them, please click on the link pedigree next to the relevant horse's name.

Christchurch - 2017 New Zealand Premier Yearling Sale

To be offered at auction at Canterbury Agricultural Park, Curletts Road, Christchurch 
Tuesday, 21 & Wednesday, 22 February 2017

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Name (Colour/Sex)





Dam's Pedigree
403 Phil Bromac (BC) LOT 403 STAND Phil Bromac Phil Bromac Washington VC Amaretto Bromac Amaretto Bromac
432 Candy Bromac (BF) LOT 432 STAND    Candy Bromac Candy Bromac Bettor's Delight Cha Cha Bromac Cha Cha Bromac Pedigree
447 Coulson Bromac (BC) LOT 447 STAND Coulson Bromac Coulson Bromac Washington VC Cozette Bromac Cozette Bromac pedigree
199 Marianna Bromac (BF) LOT 199 STAND  Marianna Bromac Marianna Bromac Art Major Maravu Haley Maravu Hayley pedigree
289 Shamrock Bromac (BC) LOT 289 STAND    Shamrock Bromac Shamrock Bromac Mach Three Sabrina Bromac Sabrina Bromac pedigree
332 Toliver Bromac (BC) LOT 332 STAND Toliver Bromac Toliver Bromac Auckland Reactor Taffeta Bromac Taffeta Bromac Pedigree
342 Titan Bromac (BC)
LOT 342 STAND Titan Bromac Titan Bromac Art Major Tandias Courage Tandias Courage Pedigree
355 Sheza Bromac (BF) LOT 355 STAND Sheza Bromac Sheza Bromac Mach Three Tanisa Bromac Tanisa Bromac Pedigree
366 Taroona Bromac (BC) LOT 366 stand Taroona Bromac Taroona Bromac Western Ideal Tasmcmanian Tasmcmanian pedigree
375 Taylor Bromac (BF) LOT 375 STAND Taylor Bromac Taylor Bromac Art Major Tatijana Bromac Tatijana Bromac pedigree
387 Tara Bromac (BF) LOT 387 STAND Tara Bromac Tara Bromac Bettor's Delight Te Amo Bromac Te Amo Bromac pedigree
380 Action Bromac (BC) Lot 380 Action Bromac Action Bromac Auckland Reactor Agnes Patron Agnes Patron pedigree
436 Copyright Bromac (BF) Lot 436 STAND Copyright Bromac
Copyright Bromac Sportswriter

Congo Breeze

Congo Breeze pedigree
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