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Published by in News · 17 August 2018
Everlasting sire Falcon Seelster has superseded his siring career in New Zealand as a top broodmare sire.
He's featured in the top five for the last 12 years on the New Zealand Broodmares Sires table.
Falcon Seelster has sired the winners of over $56 million world-wide, including the winners of 1820 races for $17,121,300 in New Zealand.
However, he is currently the broodmare sire in New Zealand alone of the winners of 1883 races for $23,196,083.
"Falcon" finished third on the combined gaits New Zealand Broodmare Sires list for 2017-18 (behind Christian Cullen and Sundon), being the damsire of 149 starters for 82 individual winners of 153 races, for $2,234,926.
He was second top leading New Zealand Broodmare Sires of pacing races only behind Christian Cullen in the season just completed (2017-18), being the damsire of 147 starters of 80 individual pacing winners of 149 races, for $2,210,206.
He was fourth on the NZ Broodmare Sires list for pacing races only in 2016-17, having 143 starters for 75 individual winners of 126 races for $1,362,717.
He was also fourth on the NZ Broodmare Sires list for pacing only races in 2015-16, fourth in 2014-15, second in 2013-14 (behind In The Pocket), third in 2012-13 (behind Holmes Hanover & In The Pocket), third in 2011-12 (behind In The Pocket & Holmes Hanover), thid in 2010-11 (behind Soky’s Atom & In The Pocket), fourth in 2009-10, third in 2008-09 (behind Soky’s Atom & Holmes Hanover), third in 2007-08 (behind Holmes Hanover & Soky’s Atom), and fifth in 2006-07.
Previously, he had improved from 13th in 2005-06, starting his top five run from there.
Falcon Seelster also continues to make his mark as a broodmare sire in Australia.
He was seventh on the overall Australian Broodmare Sires earnings list in 2017-18, leaving the dams of 134 winners of $3,083,215.
Falcon Seelster mares have left such top performers as former Hunter Cup winner Bondy (1:49.4, US), Lauraella, Fiery Falcon, Franco Emirate (1:53.8), Fly Like An Eagle (1:53.9), Millwood Meg (1:53.5, Aust), Ohoka Arizona, Veste, Rona Lorraine, (Im) Mark Antony (1:54.6), Mach And Me, Lilac Stride (1:54.4, Aust), Pembrook Benny (1:53.6), Caesars Folly (1:52.4, Aust), Artestian (1:49.4, US), Art Offical (1:47, US), Flem N Em (1:49.6, US), Expressionist (1:51.1, Aust), Fernleigh Renegade (1:52.2, Aust), Franco Jamar (1:51.2, Aust).
Latterly, his list of broodmare credits include: Carpenters Daughter, Code Black (1:50.8, US), Cole Porter (p2, 1:53.9), Connoisseur (1:53.4, Aust), Dashofluck (1:50.1, Aust), Ewie Duncan (1:49, US), Franco Nelson (1:50.3, Aust), Gaius Caesar (1:51.6, Aust), Heza Bromac (1:52.1, Aust), Ideal Scott (1:52.8, Aust), Jimmy Johnstone (1:53.7, Aust), Jivin Cullen (1:54.1, Aust), Lightning Mach (1:51.2, US), Mach Beauty (1:50.9, Aust), Manhattan Rusty (1:50.6, US), Millwood Liberty (1:49.8, TT, Aust), Miss Daisy (1:53.3, Aust), Motu  Crusader (1:52.9, Aust), Partyon (p3, 1:51.3),  Motu Meteor (1:55.4, Aust), Nerida Franco (1:50.6, US), Pat's Delight (p3, 1:52.7), Pembrook Caesar (1:53, Aust), Platinum Revolution (p2, 1:54.7), Pure Power (1:51, Aust), Spirit Of A Shark (1:48.8, US), Starsky's Dream (1:51.2, US), Talk To Me Courage (1:51.4, US), The Moonraker (1:52, Aust), Who's Escaped (1:52.7, Aust), and Whythehellnot (1:51.6, US).
Directly as a sire Falcon Seelster topped the NZ Sires List in 2003, leaving the winners of 258 races for $2,044,107.
He was also three times second on the NZ Sires List (2000-01; 2001-02 & 2003-04).
He left two Australasian Grand Circuit champions in $2 million earner Elsu (1:53.6) and $1.2 million winner, The Falcon Strike (1:54.5).
He has sired 132 in 1:55, and eight in 1:50, including Ultimate Falcon (1:47.8, US), Attorney General (1:48.4), Allstar Blue Jean (1.48.8), McArdle (1:49), Trump Casino (1:49.2), Franco Catapult (1:49.4), and Ross The Boss (1:50).
Some of his other top performers include: Cruz Bromac (1:50.1, Aust), Raptorial (1:50.2, US), Sealed N Delivered (1:50.8, US), Seel N Print (1:50.2), Franco Ledger (1:53.7), Howard Bromac, Seelster Sam, All Hart (1:52), Franco Sequel (1:51), De Lovely, Rondel Franco (1:51.6, US), Franco Jonquill, Coburg, Angela Jane, and top USA mare, Shady Daisy, previously the richest pacing mare in the world.
Despite having fewer numbers now, he was 29th on the NZ Sires list of pacing only races in 2017-18, having 23 starters for 11 individual winners of 17 races for $171,833.
Bromac Lodge is offering the final Falcon Seelster semen straws at a reduced price of $2500 (plus GST) in NZ this season, and (plus GST) for Australia Breeders.

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